All You Need To Know About Male Menopause

Male menopause, also known as “andropause” can be described as the hormonal changes that men experience as they age.

Men also go through hormonal changes as they grow old. This might not be as critical as in the case of women. But there is a drop in the production of testosterone.

causes of Male menopause

Male menopause otherwise refereed to as androgen deficiency or testosterone deficiency occurs as there is gradual decline of the hormone testosterone.

This decline in the production of testosterone affects most of the systems in the body that requires testosterone.


Some of the signs and symptoms experienced during the period of androgen deficiency includes:

  • Fatigue: You begin to feel tired from time to time as you grow old.
  • Insomnia: Most men find it difficult to sleep during this period of time.
  • Infertility: Infertility rate is high during this time of life in most men.
  • Sexual Weakness: Most people within this time are not able to perform sexually as they used to.
  • Depression or Sadness: At this point, most people are not happy or overjoyed about many things.

Natural remedies

  • ExerciseExercise helps keep the body active and in good shape. It also helps keep the mind active as well.
  • Eat well: Avoid more junk foods. Avoid foods with fats and too much oil. Eat more vegetables, beans and grains to give the body the right amount of nutrient it requires to function properly. This can raise your mood and keep you healthy.
  • Lose weight: It is better to maintain a healthy weight. Keep fit, workout on a regular basis to keep your mood up.
  • Dress well: It is important to look good and be confident about yourself.
  • Read more often to keep up.




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