How to Deal With Insomnia

Are you having problem sleeping? Insomnia is a sleep disorder that best describes difficulty in sleeping. If this only happens once in a while, you have nothing to worry about. This could be just one of those sleepless nights. But when this occurs over weeks or months, you should start taking action. Symptoms of insomnia … Read moreHow to Deal With Insomnia

Functions of the Liver

the human liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. Without the liver, one cannot survive. It plays a vital role keeping the immune system strong and also aids in digestion. We need the liver to function well in order to be healthy. Facts you did not know about the liver It … Read moreFunctions of the Liver

All You Need To Know About Male Menopause

Male menopause, also known as “andropause” can be described as the hormonal changes that men experience as they age. Men also go through hormonal changes as they grow old. This might not be as critical as in the case of women. But there is a drop in the production of testosterone. causes of Male menopause … Read moreAll You Need To Know About Male Menopause

Treatment and Remedies For Common Cold

Common cold as we all know is a viral infection that affects the nose and the throat. This causes the inflammation of the mucus membrane of the respiratory tract. Cold might not be a serious sickness but can really make your day a stressful one. Mostly, people recover from cold within 7 to 10 days. … Read moreTreatment and Remedies For Common Cold

How to Treat Mumps


Mumps is an infection of the parotid (salivary) gland. This causes the salivary glands to swell up. It can be passed from one person to the other merely by contact, saliva or nasal secretions. The salivary glands are located at both sides of the cheek right below the ear. This organ helps to produce or … Read moreHow to Treat Mumps

How to Deal with Nosebleeds


All you need to know about Nosebleed Nosebleeds can be very common among people, especially kids. This is as a result of the rapture of the small blood vessels that pass through the nose. This usually occurs in children as compared to adults. Causes of Nosebleeds As said earlier, this occurs due to a torn … Read moreHow to Deal with Nosebleeds

What Every Woman Should Know About Pregnancy

How to stay Healthy when Pregnant Women go through a lot of changes during pregnancy. During this time, a variety of problems can occur. These can be changes in body shape, headaches, stretch marks, backache, constipation and in some cases, miscarriage. Most of these problems that occur during pregnancy are mostly related to nutrition and the … Read moreWhat Every Woman Should Know About Pregnancy

Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Tooth Decay

tooth decay

All you need to know about Tooth Decay Tooth decay is one of the common diseases that affects most people all over the world. This can happen to both the young and old but just common among kids. This is also known as cavities or carries.  Our teeth is made up of a thin white outer covering which … Read moreCauses, Prevention and Treatment of Tooth Decay

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Malaria


Malaria can be a serious or fatal disease when not treated early. This is a mosquito-borne disease. It is caused by a parasite known as plasmodium. Mosquito parasite (plasmodium) is mostly carried around by the female Anopheles  mosquito. When you are bitten by a mosquito carrying the parasite, it releases that parasite into your bloodstreams. This parasites can … Read moreCauses, Symptoms and Treatment of Malaria

Symptoms, Prevention and Dealing With Allergies


All you need to know about Allergies Allergies are as a result of the immune system responding to unfamiliar substances that are typically harmless to our body. Most people are allergic to different substances. It could be food, certain medication, animal, latex and many more. These substances are referred to as allergens. Allergies are common … Read moreSymptoms, Prevention and Dealing With Allergies