Causes and Prevention of Bloating

Causes and Prevention of Bloating

Bloating is what you experience when your belly feels swollen even after eating just a little. During digestion, there is movement of the muscles. This can produce gas that will fill your belly and cause bloating.

This can happen to anyone of any age.Bloating is mostly not harmful and can last for a short period of time.

Causes of bloating

This swollen or inflated belly can be caused by the following:

  • Kind of food you had- Some foods are linked to the production of gas in the intestine or stomach. These includes soft drinks, beans, some vegetables, corn and pasta.
  • How you eat – Observations have found out that, people who eat and swallow faster might be at the risk of obesity. This is because, you turn to swallow more air with the food. This can cause bloating. Also, you might consume more if you ate slowly.
  • Late eating – Eating late in the night or before bedtime can make one bloat and overweight.
  • Chewing gum most of the time. People who usually chew gum without any daily activities might suffer from bloating from time to time.

Ways to Avoid Or Deal With Bloated Stomach 

  • Take your time when eating

It is very important to take your time whiles eating. This will help you bite the food into smaller pieces. Take your time to chew the food in order to ease digestion. When eating fast, you can gulp down air with the food. This can as well make the stomach bloat too.

  • Do not chew gum often if you do

People who chew gum more often might have this problem most of the time. When chewing gum, you will notice you swallow a lot of air. This can cause your stomach to bloat also. You might be chewing gum to keep your mouth from smelling but there are other alternatives. You can brush regularly or use mouthwash.

  • Avoid drinking carbonated drinks

Drinks such as coke, soda and all other carbonated drinks turn to produce so much gas in the belly. Avoid taking them or reduce the amount of soda you take in order to avoid bloating.

avoid soda and bloating


  • Do not drink water whiles eating

It is advisable to drink water at least 15 minutes before a meal and at least 15 minutes after meal unless you are chocking. Drinking water whiles eating is not good for digestion. This is because food particles will be scattered in the belly instead. This can make you feel bloated at many times.

  • Avoid milk products if you are lactose intolerant 

Some people cannot digest milk and other dairy products. This condition describes a person lactose intolerance. When you have this condition, it is best to avoid dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, etc. This will help prevent your belly from bloating and its discomforts.

  • Exercise regularly.

Exercise helps maintain weight. It also helps tighten the skin and the stomach muscles. This limits the occurrence of swollen belly. Go for walks, run around the park or swim to keep the body and mind sharp.

What to do if your stomach is bloated.

When suffering from inflated belly or bloating, the most common thing to do is get an antacid. Antacids can help relieve you from stomach upsets, heartburn or neutralize the acidity of the stomach.

Rexall, Rolaids, Equate, Martins liver salt, number ten liver salt are all antacids that can help get rid of a bloated belly.



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