Dangerous Animals People Keep As Pets

Dangerous Animals People Keep As Pets

Pets are animals kept for companionship or entertainment. Most people like to keep and take care of dogs or cats. Others also go for other animals they feel connected to. Some people also go for wild animals that can be harmful when proper care or training is not given.

Some Dangerous Pets

Keeping dangerous and wild animals as pets is more common among Arabs. This has become a trend in many rich Arab homes and now starting to become global.


Keeping lions as pet has now become a common practice in rich Arab homes and other places such as the United States and other European countries.

Most often, these animals are brought at very young ages and trained to be calm and familiar with their owner. Do not get comfortable. They can be harmful but they are also well fed.

A Lion cub as pet


It might come as a surprise to you but some people take snakes as pets. The boa is a large nonvenomous snake that does not have teeth for biting. Their teeth are built in a way to grab their prey during swallowing. They make good pets and cause no harm when fed properly. They grow large just like the python.

Crocodiles And Alligators

You wont believe some people keep crocodiles and alligators as pets. This is allowed but you will need a permit for that. Getting a permit to keep a crocodile depends on your space. There are two different species of crocodile that can be kept at home. Saltwater crocodiles and freshwater crocodiles.

Alligators are also treated just like crocodiles since they belong to the same family. They can be used as emotional support pets

Alligator as pets


Camels can be good animals to have around but comes with cost and space. They require much space and care. These are mammals but they can be dangerous to mankind in many different ways. Camels can be very tall and heavy. They can bite if troubled and can kick with their leg. This makes it a bit dangerous to keep as a pet.

Camels are kept as pets mostly in the Arab countries. They make desert rides fun. They can walk on the desert and carry heavy goods for many days. They are strong and energetic.


Ostriches are large birds that do not fly. They can be kept for their beauty and elegance. These huge birds can be very dangerous when angered or startled.

Big Cats

Big cats like tiger,leopard and cheetah are kept as pets as well. This is much common among rich Arabs and it is becoming a trend in rich homes. They make good company when well trained and fed properly. These wild animals cannot be underrated due to their traits. They can be danger to humans at any time if proper care is not given.

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