Health Benefits Of Honey

Health Benefits Of Honey

There are many health benefits we derive from honey.

Honey is the sweet, vicious liquid produced by bees. It contains many nutrients that can be help the human body in many ways. It has been used as food and medicine from ancient times.




  • Weight Loss : Consuming honey more often can help lose some few extra weight. This is because it helps digest body fat. Most people who try to lose weight mostly take honey with lemon, cinnamon and ginger.

benefits of honey

  • Sweetener : Honey contains much fructose. This is why it is used in place of sugar to prepare drinks beverages or food.  Research shows that, honey contains more nutrients and is better than the usual white sugar.


  • Energy : Honey contains a large amount of calories that can be easily burnt into energy as compared to normal sugar. About a table of spoon contains as much as 64 calories. Even though is contains so much calories as compared to sugar, it is easier for the body to digest.


  • Antioxidants: One of the health benefits we can get from honey is that, they contain many antioxidants. Scientists say it contains organic acid and other nutraceuticals that helps the body get rid of toxins. This can help the body in many way; reduce the risk of some diseases.


  • Skin Care : You might notice most of the skin care products are made with honey. This is because honey and milk has been proven to help build and repair the skin tissues. It keeps the skin moist and fresh looking. Taking honey and milk more often can help build a beautiful skin and also help strengthen your immune system as well.

benefits of honey


  • Prevents diseases: You will be amazed the number of diseases that can be prevented or reduced by taking honey frequently. These include:
    1. Diabetes
    2. Heart diseases
    3. Cancer
    4. Stroke


  • Healing of wound : One of the wonderful facts of honey is that, it helps in healing of wounds. It helps build up torn tissues fast and also contains some enzymes and nutrients that can speed up the healing process.



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