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Hepatitis B: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) that affects the liver. It can be acute and self resolving. It can sometimes be chronic, leading to liver cancer and cirrhosis. Most people do not show symptoms from the early stages. However, others develop a rapid onset of sickness with vomiting, yellowish skin, tiredness, dark urine and abdominal pain.

Hepatitis B types

This infection has two phases:

  • Chronic Hepatitis B: This is when the Hep B Virus infects a person and lasts longer than six (6) months. Once the infection becomes chronic, It may not go away again.
  • Acute Hepatitis B: This is the early stages of infection which is about 1 to 4 months after exposure to virus. At this stage, there is a higher chance of it being cured completely.


Hepatitis B is a major global health problem. According to research, an estimated 257 million people are living with hepatitis B virus infection. Most adults with hep B recover fully as compared as children.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B

Signs and symptoms depends on the stage of the sickness. This may usually appear after one to four months of infection. Some people could see the signs as early as two weeks.

Symptoms include:

  1. Fever
  2. Nausea and Vomiting
  3. Abdominal pain
  4. Weakness and fatigue
  5. Jaundice
  6. Dark urine.

Mode of Transmission

The HB virus is passed from one person to another in the following ways:

  • Sexually.

You may get hep b if you have unprotected s3x with someone who has it.

  • Mother to child.

Pregnant women infected with HBV can pass the virus to the child during birth. It is appropriate to vaccinate the child in order to prevent it from contracting the infection.

  • Direct contact with blood.

Hep B can be transmitted from one person to the other when people exchange sharp objects with infected people. Mostly, people who exchange needles whiles doing drugs, blades, barbering tools are at risk of getting Hep B.

  • Contact or exchange of personal items.

You can get infected when you share your personal items such as toothbrush, razor, sponge and other things with an infected person. However, when you can also contract this infection when broken skin comes in contact with fluids from an infected person.

Home Remedies for Hepatitis B

It is very important to take good care of yourself when infected with Hep B. This will helpĀ  relieve symptoms and prevent worsening.

Ways to take care of Hepatitis B patient includes:

  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Broth, sports drinks, gelatin, frozen ice treats and fruit juices are preferred because they also provide calories.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol until your health care practitioner allows it. Individuals with chronic HBV should avoid alcohol for the rest of their lives.
  • Try to eat a diet that provides adequate nutrition. Take it easy. It may take some time for your energy level to return to normal.
  • Avoid prolonged, vigorous exercise until symptoms start to improve.
  • Avoid any activity that may spread the infection to other people (sexual intercourse, sharing needles, etc).
  • Ask your physician before taking any medications, even those that are over-the-counter. Some medications depend on the liver, and liver damage may impair the body’s ability to metabolize these drugs. If you are on prescription medications, check with your physician to see if the doses should be adjusted or if the medication should be temporarily discontinued.


Treatment Of Hepatitis B

  • People with acute hepatitis b may only be advised by the doctor to take IV fluids to help them feel better since they will be dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea. Other medications maybe given to help minimize symptoms.
  • People with chronic hepatitis b needs serious medical attention to help. Antiviral agents, while the best therapy known for chronic hepatitis B, do not work in all individuals with the disease.

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