How to Deal with Nosebleeds

How to Deal with Nosebleeds

All you need to know about Nosebleed

Nosebleeds can be very common among people, especially kids. This is as a result of the rapture of the small blood vessels that pass through the nose. This usually occurs in children as compared to adults.

Causes of Nosebleeds

As said earlier, this occurs due to a torn of blood vessels in the nose area. This could be as a process of blowing the nose, scratching with your fingers or too much dryness during the dry seasons.

Children might suffer more from this condition because of their active nature. Some also just scratch their nose when it itches. Adults tend to know how to take care of themselves better.

This does not mean adults do not suffer from bleeding nose.

Some people also suffer from nosebleeds after doing so much work; running, jogging or carrying something heavy.

Treating Nosebleeds

  • First of all, what you need to do when bleeding from your nose is blow out all the clots that might still be in the nose. Avoid leaning back to help every clot come out easily without flowing back.

dealing with nosebleeds

  • Insert a little cotton or cloth gently into the nose to help soak most of the blood left in the nose. Keep a little pressure on the nose with the cotton in for about 5 minutes. You can get some nosebleed plugs.
  • Its best to apply some cold ice on the nose and its surroundings. Its advisable in some cases to sniff a block of ice. The lower temperature will help reduce the flow of blood.
  • Its good to lie down and have some good rest in order to relax your cells and muscles.

#tip: Apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline carefully inside your nose for at least a week to help keep the nostril moist to avoid any further cracks. 

Ways of Preventing Nose Bleeding

  • Scratch your nostrils gently when the need arises in order to avoid any cuts in your nose.
  • Make sure your nails are short and well kept when playing with your nose.
  • Keep your body hydrated more often to avoid cracks that might occur due to dryness in the nose.
  • Take in more vitamins and calcium to help build a healthy body.
  • It is important to eat well-balanced foods most of the time to provide the body with the necessary nutrients it needs to develop well.
  • Smoking can cause dryness in the nose. The best thing to do is to minimize the way you smoke if you cannot quit.
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