Menstrual Problems And Their Remedies

Menstrual Problems And Their Remedies

Menstruation can be describe as the changes that occur in the body of a woman preparing her for pregnancy. During this time, there are lots of changes that occur and the lining of the womb becomes thicker.

These hormonal and physical changes prepare the woman for pregnancy.

One experiences a normal period every month, thus every 28 days on average. This usually lasts for about 3-4 days unless there are some irregularities.

It is quite normal to have menstrual problems. Some can be variations in time (days it usually comes), color of your menses, how thick or how much blood comes out and sometimes cramps.

Menstrual problems mostly occur in adolescents who have just started having their period, after childbirth or at old age( menopause).


How do you know you are having problems in your period?

  • Too much bleeding – Sometimes, you see more blood than usual.
  • Little blood – Other times, there is less blood.
  • Severe Cramps or Pain within the abdominal region.

Some of the problems associated with menstrual problems are mood disorders. During this period, there can be loss of appetite and interest in things you loved to do.

  • Fatigue


Causes of menstrual problems

There are many different reasons there might variation or changes in your menstrual cycle. These are:

  • Stress – Stress can have so many effects on the body and especially the menstrual cycle. Stress can lower the performance of the body and damage your immune system. This can cause irregularities in your period.
  • Diet – For some time now, you should know the food we eat plays an important role in our body. Eat the right proportion of nutrients the body requires in order to stay healthy.
  • Illness – Certain illness can bring changes into your menstrual cycle. Diseases that affect the reproductive and immune systems can have some effects on your period.
  • Inactivity – Being inactive and overweight can cause changes in your menstruation or period.
  • Too much exercise and extreme weight loss can also cause some irregularities in the body.
Remedies And Ways to Deal With Menstrual Problems

There are different ways to deal with menstrual problems. This depends on your condition. Ways include:

  • Track your menstrual cycle – It is very important to keep track of your period in order to determine your cycle. This will help you identify the irregularities and problems that occur during this time.
  • Eat well – Eat healthy to help your body work effectively.Have more vegetables, broccoli, Fish and other seafood to help in the production of the hormones.
  • Regular exercise can help keep the body functioning well and in shape.
  • Beet juice or beat powder helps in regulating menstrual problems
Who is at risk of menstrual problems?

You might experience problems during your period if:

  • You just started having your periods (adolescents)
  • Old (During Menopause)
  • After Childbirth
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