Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents At Home

Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents At Home

Are you experiencing any sign of rodent infestation at home?  You are at the right place.

Most people do not realize their home has been invaded by rats or mice until it gets out of hand. These animals mostly move in the night and live in hideouts.

They like to stay at dark places and places with poor sanitation. You might keep your home neat and clean but they also might come because they’ve found a food source.

Reasons you are suffering from rodent infestation

Rodents like to live at places with poor sanitation. They like to stay at the dump, water logged areas and all other unclean places. If your house is not kept clean, they might as well be invited.

They also like to stay around places with food source. When you always have food lying around your home, you are calling for rodent infestation. Every living animal likes to get closer to their food source.

Rodent infestation can be as a result of available space in your house. Don’t forget everyone needs a place to live. Places like the storeroom, kitchen or the cabins is where they can be found. Rats or mice can squeeze through holes, leakage systems and the sewers. When you have wholes under your door or in your walls, you are inviting rodents into your house.

Sometimes you might be doing everything right and still experience this problem. This is because people can suffer from rodent infestation even if their homes are kept clean and all holes sealed.

This is because some activities might force them to your place. Activities of humans can drive rats or mice to your homes. When we destroy their natural habitat during construction

are rodents harmful?

Rodents can be destructive and harmful to our health. They carry around diseases and all sorts of dirt around. When you allow rats to live and move around your house, they live traces of urine and food particles around. They also leave greasy marks around.

They might carry these infections to your storeroom and get your food and other things infected.

Some infections you can get from rodent infestation

There are many infections or diseases we can get from rats or mice infestation. These diseases can be transmitted through their scratch, bite or contact. Even when they live traces on food or anything you come in contact with.

Some of these rodent transmitted diseases include:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Rat-bite fever
  • Salmonellosis and many more

visit here to read more about diseases rodents can carry around.

ways to get rid of rodents at home

  • Do regular check ups in your house once in a while. Most people do not know they have a rodent problem until it gets worst. Look for small food particles around and greasy trace marks. This will help determine if you have a rat or mouse problem.
  • Seal all holes and gaps in your house: Make sure to seal wholes in your door or walls if you have one. Take care of your plumbing work and make sure every whole where they can squeeze through is sealed.
  • Keep your environment clean: Rats and mice like to stay around places with very poor sanitation. Dump sites, sewers, in bins without lids and in dirty washrooms.  Empty your bins regularly, keep it clean and covered. Keep your environment neat and dirt-free.

clean dustbin

  • Set mouse and rat traps: when you see any traces of rodents around your home before it gets worst. There are traps you can setup easily yourself to catch rodents in your home. You can order them from amazon eBay or anywhere for very cool prices. It comes in glue, electronic and some are just simple and made of wood.

Various traps for rodents

Electronic rat trap
Rodent trap. Rodent glue

When your rodent condition gets out of control, the only thing to do is to contact exterminators. There are many agencies that can take care of your rodent problems professionally. Give them a call.

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