What Every Woman Should Know About Pregnancy

What Every Woman Should Know About Pregnancy

How to stay Healthy when Pregnant

Women go through a lot of changes during pregnancy. During this time, a variety of problems can occur. These can be changes in body shape, headaches, stretch marks, backache, constipation and in some cases, miscarriage.

Most of these problems that occur during pregnancy are mostly related to nutrition and the hormonal changes that occur during the time of pregnancy.

Problems during pregnancy

  • Dizziness

Many women will experience dizziness during their time of pregnancy. This is because of the sudden changes that are occurring in the body. The rapid changes that occur in the body cause a low supply of blood to the brain. This happens mostly when standing for some time.


It’s ok to feel dizzy once in a while when pregnant but you will have to see your doctor when it becomes more frequent. Also, when you feel dizzy, just breathe in deeply and sit for a while if you are standing.

  • Stretch Marks

During pregnancy, stretch marks will appear due to the rapid changes occurring in the body. These are stripes that can appear on any part of the body. Mostly the breast, abdomen, buttocks and the thighs.


Stretch marks can be a difficult thing to get rid of. In order to avoid them, you will have to apply oil at places it is possible to occur once every day.

  • Backache

Pregnant women seem to develop back pains all of a sudden. This is because of the stomach their carrying(added weight). That’s unusual right. This can occur when standing or even sitting.


One great tip is to maintain proper posture. You must change the way you sit or stand to avoid more pressure on other parts of the body. Weight will have to be evenly distributed to avoid backaches and all other pain.

These include:

  1. Relaxing your shoulders and standing upright.
  2. Wear flats in order to help you stand on your whole feet comfortably.
  3. Get a good mattress to support your back. Shouldn’t be too soft or too hard.
  4. Be gentle in your movements.
  • Bleeding Gums

This might be of a surprise to you but some women bleed in their gums during the time of pregnancy. This is as a result of hormonal changes that are occurring in the body of a pregnant woman.


Oral hygiene should be practiced during pregnancy. Do not use brushes with hard bristles when your gum is bleeding.

Also, eat foods rich in calcium and other nutrients in order to help strengthen your gum.

  • Anemia

Pregnant women need a lot of red blood cells and hemoglobin. This helps a great deal in transporting oxygen to the brain. During pregnancy, the body can sometimes not be able to produce more of it. This develops iron anemia. 


It is very important to get foods that contain iron. These include seafood, peas, and other vegetables.


Miscarriages can occur due to many reasons. This could be due to cervical incompetence, accidents, ectopic pregnancy and many more.


During the time of pregnancy, it is very advisable to eat a balanced diet in order to stay healthy and strong. It also helps provide the needed nutrition to grow the embryo.

Be careful with your movement and also do well to visit the hospital for regular antenatal checks.

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