Why Too Much Salt Is Bad For You.

Why Too Much Salt Is Bad For You.

Want to know why Salt is bad for you?

Salt is a naturally occurring compound that we mostly use to season food. Salt is used to flavour food. It is also used to preserve food since it helps stop bacteria growth. We need salt to survive as our bodies rely on sodium for muscle contractions and  nerve transmissions. Salt helps control systems for balancing body fluids, together with other electrolytes like potassium.

But too much of salt is bad for the human body. Some countries generally eat spicy foods. South African are know to eat lots of salt.Our body reacts negatively when there is tpp much salt in the system. This can lead to other diseases.


Too much salt is bad for the heart.

Too much salt intake contributes to high risk of cardiovascular diseases, especially in adults. This is also associated to the cause of stroke in some cases.

High salt intake sometimes causes stomach cancer.

Some research shows that, too much intake of salt can lead to stomach cancer. This may be because too much salt produces the bacteria which causes stomach cancer.


Too much salt intake is bad for the brain as well. Since salt affects the heart, it then turns to have an effect on the brain as well. This usually occurs in adults.


The kidney in our body helps remove toxic or waste products. It also controls the production of red blood cells. Higher intake of salt reduces the ability of the kidney to function well. This is because this will put too much pressure on the kidney and might end up weakening it.


High intake of salt is bad for your weight. Salt tends to cause the body to retain water. Eating too much salt can leave you bloating.


Blood pressure

High intake of salt is bad for your blood pressure. If you eat too much salt, the extra water stored in your body raises your blood pressure.

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